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So what are you waiting for. Do visit the complete website and our fun station also...Because the ultimate solution for a worried parent is KOKO Kids....

Our programs incorporate an integrated curriculum that promotes learning primarily through music, promotes


We are always worried about the future of our kids. Whether he will be a engineer, doctor , CA, Actor, sportsmen..We think to admit them in international schools, , recognized colleges, etc. But how much of us know that almost 90 percent of a child’s brain is developed by age 5.
Thus those initial years really matters. And we are very much occupied because of our jobs, professions, etc where we give our best so that we can collect good amount of money for their future.

That’s the problem...we are not with them exactly when they need get frustrated what to to handle this challenge...what is the reliable option?
The answer is KOKO Kids...

  • Play School,Play Group /Nursery
  • Special Kids Education
  • Multi Activity Center
  • KoKo kids Music Academy
  • Koko Kids Toddler fun